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Foxy Epoxy Floors

The #1 Choice For Garage Epoxy Flooring In Spicewood TX

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Welcome To Our Foxy Epoxy Floors

Welcome to Foxy Epoxy Flooring, Spicewood's leading choice for high-quality epoxy solutions. Nestled in the heart of Texas, Spicewood deserves nothing but the finest, and that's precisely what we offer. Our adept craftsmen are here to metamorphose your garages into magnificent, practical areas of work and play. Understandably, in Spicewood, garages symbolize more than car storage; they're canvases for hobbies and visions. That's where Foxy Epoxy Flooring steps in, combining resilience with aesthetic brilliance. Harnessing the expertise of seasoned specialists and top-tier ingredients, we promise a Spicewood garage transformation that resonates with elegance and longevity. Reach out now, and let Spicewood's best redefine your epoxy flooring experience.

Check Out Our Epoxy Flooring Services

Understanding the profound significance of flooring in sculpting an exquisite dwelling, Foxy Epoxy Flooring in Spicewood is wholeheartedly committed to presenting an array of epoxy solutions, fine-tuned to the singular needs of Spicewood homeowners. Whether your quest involves sprucing up your garage's visual allure or instating industrial-strength floors, our epoxy selections prioritize enduring brilliance. Fortified by our relentless passion for unparalleled service and expertise, our brigade joins forces with you, keenly apprehending your distinct aspirations and manifesting them with precision. Dive into the plethora of epoxy treatments and varied floor offerings we bestow upon the Spicewood community.


Epoxy Flake Floors 

 epoxy flake floors in Spicewood consistently captivate clientele. Adorning myriad areas with their robust charm, these surfaces promise steadfastness paired with visual delight. Our epoxy-centric methodology assures an enduring sheen, adeptly warding off liquid mishaps, rebuffing discolorations, and braving rigorous footfalls, safeguarding your floor's enduring value in Spicewood.


Metallic Epoxy Floors

Harnessing the power of unique epoxy suffused with shimmering metallic hues, we've mastered crafting surfaces echoing the lavish allure of elite materials, encompassing sterling, bronze, aureate, and a spectrum of mesmerizing shades. In Spicewood, our metallic floor variant adds an unparalleled, eye-catching layer to spaces, lifting their visual magnetism to unparalleled echelons.


Solid Epoxy Floors

Among our expansive offerings, we take pride in showcasing solid-color epoxy floors — a multifaceted selection, perfect for imbuing locales with radiant luminosity or an energetic color burst. Be it a desire for a chic, contemporary vibe or a need for cohesive, functional ground coverage, our adept Spicewood crew stands ready to outshine anticipations with our flawless solid-color epoxy surfaces.

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"I love my new garage epoxy floor it’s definitely worth the price. They came in did what they had to do respectfully, professionally, quick and clean. 100% recommend."

"Having my garage floor coated with Epoxy has been something I’ve always wanted. I am so happy I found Foxy Epoxy because the outcome was amazing! Kevin and his crew were very professional and came in a very timely manner. Every time I go in my garage now I am astounded at the look of it! I highly recommend it!"

"Kevin and his crew did a great job. He communicated thoroughly from the start of the process to the end. The quality of the work is very high and I look forward to enjoying my beautiful new flooring for years to come. Strongly recommend them."

"Kevin and his crew are awesome. They did the epoxy on our three car garage, and it looks incredible. They also stained our concrete patio. They made several return trips to make sure it was absolutely perfect, and were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended"

We're More Than Just Epoxy Flooring Contractors

At Foxy Epoxy Flooring in Spicewood, we're buoyed by the swell of commendations and client exchanges about our distinguished epoxy floor solutions. Our adept epoxy maestros consistently receive accolades from Spicewood's home and business owners, a testament to their unparalleled prowess. We bask in the glow of our capability to forge flawlessly integrated and enduring epoxy surfaces, crafting lasting impressions.

In Spicewood, where bustling activity and the region's climatic nuances can pose floor upkeep hurdles, a burgeoning clientele gravitates towards Foxy Epoxy Flooring for their garage and enterprise epoxy floor requisites. Amassing a wealth of experience over time and with an undying zeal for supremacy, our name has become tantamount to dependability, and pioneering standards for epoxy floor artisans in Spicewood and its neighboring locales.


The resounding applause from our contented patrons reaffirms our ceaseless quest for precision, establishing our brand as a revered and steadfast beacon in the epoxy floor domain.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors In Your Home Or Business?

In the expansive landscape of flooring alternatives, epoxy flooring is ascending the ranks of favoritism, especially in Spicewood, Texas. This form of flooring heralds a plethora of merits that resonate profoundly with both domestic dwellers and corporate entities. Given its vast array of virtues, Spicewood residents are swiftly recognizing epoxy as the prime flooring remedy for those intent on elevating their ground aesthetics and function. As you muse over a floor metamorphosis, ponder the salient benefits epoxy flooring brings to Spicewood spaces.


Epoxy floors offer unmatched longevity, resisting wear and tear. Designed for high traffic, they remain unscathed, ensuring a lasting pristine appearance with minimal maintenance.

Quick Install Times 

Epoxy floors streamline installation processes. Professionals can rapidly apply them, minimizing disruption and allowing swift return to daily activities or business operations.

Easy To Maintain

Epoxy floors repel stains and dirt, simplifying cleanup. Their seamless surface prevents dust accumulation, making routine maintenance a breeze for homeowners.

Cost Effective 

Epoxy flooring offers high-quality finishes at affordable rates. Its durability and minimal maintenance needs translate to long-term savings, making it a wise investment.


Epoxy coatings offer textured options that enhance grip. Even when wet, these floors reduce slip hazards, ensuring a safer environment for foot traffic.

Environmentally Friendly 

Epoxy floors require fewer replacements and minimize waste. Their long lifespan and low VOC emissions contribute positively to eco-conscious flooring solutions.

Check Out Our Epoxy Floor Color Selection 

Our diverse epoxy flooring lineup in Spicewood presents an array from bold, lively tones to classic, subtle nuances. Catering to varied tastes and design inclinations, we offer epoxy solutions tailored for every individual. Ideal for homes or businesses, our floors excel in areas bustling with activity, enduring significant demands. Transition from mundane grounds to captivating foundations, discover our vast color gamut now and infuse your Spicewood locale with unparalleled elegance.

epoxy flake color chart

Get Your Spicewood Epoxy Floor Installation

If you're in pursuit of a flooring blend of resilience, effortless upkeep, and aesthetic allure, epoxy flooring is your answer. At Foxy Epoxy Floors in Spicewood, TX, we excel in curating perfect epoxy floors, emphasizing flawless execution on our first attempt. With our adept artisans, rest easy knowing your epoxy foundation will be meticulously laid, promising prolonged enjoyment. Committed to superior-grade materials and pioneering methods, we guarantee floors that dazzle and endure life's varied challenges. Delay no more! Schedule your epoxy floor transformation with Spicewood's finest, and relish the splendor and toughness of this remarkable flooring choice.

P.O. Box 92431 Austin, Texas 78709

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