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Foxy Epoxy Floors

The #1 Choice For Garage Epoxy Flooring In Dripping Springs TX

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Welcome To Our Foxy Epoxy Floors

Discover Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs, your prime destination for top-notch epoxy floor services. Our skilled team transforms garages into functional, visually appealing spaces. Your garage, more than just parking, becomes a canvas for your passions and projects. At Foxy Epoxy Floors, we blend style and durability with pride. Our experienced professionals use the finest materials, ensuring utmost satisfaction. Contact us today, and let our Dripping Springs experts rejuvenate your garage with exceptional epoxy floor services.

Check Out Our Epoxy Flooring Services

At Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs, we specialize in crafting outstanding epoxy flooring tailored to homeowners' needs. Whether for your garage or commercial space, we combine aesthetics and durability. Explore our epoxy services, and let us bring your vision to life


Epoxy Flake Floors 

Our epoxy flake floors at Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs are a customer favorite for good reason. They offer both resilience and aesthetic appeal, making them suitable for various spaces. Our epoxy-based system ensures a long-lasting finish that effortlessly repels spills, resists stains, and withstands heavy traffic, ensuring a durable and enduring flooring investment.


Metallic Epoxy Floors

We've perfected the art of crafting opulent metallic floors at Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs. Using specialty epoxy enriched with metallic pigments, we replicate the allure of premium materials like silver, copper, gold, and a captivating array of colors. Our metallic flooring adds a distinctive and attention-grabbing dimension to any environment, elevating its aesthetic appeal to new heights


Solid Epoxy Floors

Discover our versatile solid-color epoxy floors at Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs. Ideal for adding vibrancy or achieving a sleek, modern look, these floors infuse spaces with vibrant color. Our expert team excels at delivering impeccable solid-color epoxy floors, surpassing your expectations for both aesthetics and utility.

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"I love my new garage epoxy floor it’s definitely worth the price. They came in did what they had to do respectfully, professionally, quick and clean. 100% recommend."

"Having my garage floor coated with Epoxy has been something I’ve always wanted. I am so happy I found Foxy Epoxy because the outcome was amazing! Kevin and his crew were very professional and came in a very timely manner. Every time I go in my garage now I am astounded at the look of it! I highly recommend it!"

"Kevin and his crew did a great job. He communicated thoroughly from the start of the process to the end. The quality of the work is very high and I look forward to enjoying my beautiful new flooring for years to come. Strongly recommend them."

"Kevin and his crew are awesome. They did the epoxy on our three car garage, and it looks incredible. They also stained our concrete patio. They made several return trips to make sure it was absolutely perfect, and were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended"

We're More Than Just Epoxy Flooring Contractors

At Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs, we're thrilled by the growing influx of positive reviews and client interactions, testifying to our exceptional epoxy floor services. Our highly skilled epoxy technicians have garnered acclaim from both residential and commercial customers, earning praise for their unmatched expertise. We take immense pride in our ability to craft seamlessly flawless and durable epoxy floors, leaving an enduring impression.

In an area like Dripping Springs, where heavy foot traffic and humid conditions pose flooring maintenance challenges, an increasing number of clients are turning to Foxy Epoxy Floors for their garage and commercial epoxy flooring needs. With years of extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we've become synonymous with reliability, setting the gold standard for epoxy flooring contractors in Dripping Springs and the neighboring regions.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our satisfied clients stands as a resounding testament to our unwavering dedication to perfection, cementing our reputation as the trusted and dependable choice in the epoxy flooring industry in Dripping Springs and beyond.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors In Your Home Or Business?

In Dripping Springs, epoxy flooring is rapidly gaining popularity. Its multitude of advantages makes it the preferred choice for both homeowners and businesses, offering a superior flooring solution. Consider these key benefits when contemplating a flooring transformation.


Epoxy floors are renowned for their durability, capable of withstanding heavy traffic, resisting wear and tear, and ensuring long-lasting, resilient surfaces for both residential and commercial spaces.

Quick Install Times 

Epoxy floors are known for their quick installation times. With efficient processes and minimal curing time, you can enjoy your new flooring in a fraction of the time compared to many other options.

Easy To Maintain

Epoxy floors are exceptionally easy to maintain, featuring a seamless surface that resists dirt buildup, and spills can be quickly wiped away, ensuring a consistently clean appearance with minimal effort.

Cost Effective 

Epoxy floors are cost-efficient, providing long-term savings. Their durability reduces the need for frequent replacements, and the initial investment offers lasting benefits in terms of maintenance and longevity.


Epoxy floors prioritize safety with their slip-resistant properties. The textured surface enhances grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls, even in wet or oily conditions, ensuring a safer environment.

Environmentally Friendly 

Epoxy floors are environmentally friendly. Their long lifespan and reduced need for replacements align with sustainable practices, while low emissions during installation minimize environmental impact, promoting a greener choice.

Check Out Our Epoxy Floor Color Selection 

Discover our extensive epoxy flooring range, featuring a spectrum of choices, from vibrant hues to timeless shades. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, our epoxy floors are ideal for high-traffic areas, offering both style and durability. Say farewell to uninspiring flooring, explore our array of colors and elevate your space with distinction.

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Get Dripping Springs Epoxy Floors Today

For a durable, easy-to-clean, and visually stunning flooring solution, consider epoxy flooring. At Foxy Epoxy Floors in Dripping Springs Texas, we specialize in expert epoxy flooring installation. Our skilled professionals ensure a perfect installation, promising you years of enjoyment. We use top-quality materials and techniques, ensuring not just great looks but also resilience to life's challenges. Don't wait; book your epoxy floor installation with us today and experience the beauty and durability of this exceptional flooring solution.

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